Today I am just going to share a few tidbits about the last month.

You know nothing- deadYou probably heard the rumours of The Grateful Dead doing reunion shows in Chicago this summer, but what you may have also heard was a lot of dissension in the community. There are many who have stated that the Dead cannot reunite without Jerry. I take exception to this. Jerry was not The Grateful Dead, although he was an integral member that glued the band together. I miss Jerry something awful, but I have to believe that the band can be bigger than the individuals. It is more about a philosophy of life and a musical philosophy. It transcends the Jam Band genre because they were the ones that developed the idea of a jam band in the first place. I am almost certain that Jerry would not have wanted to see the band stop in his absence. In a sense they did not. They changed the name a number of times, perhaps seeking ways to honor his memory while still being “The Grateful Dead”. Nevertheless, the music never stopped and the community are still striving and trying to get to Terrapin.  So, to the people who have said that this is a sad event, or that we can’t have a show without Jerry, my Dead is bigger than that.

So, I did what every good deadhead did, I wrangled together a small savings and converted it to money orders so that I too could partake in the party of the summer. There were moments of uncertainty as I pondered the exorbitant fee for the tickets, as well as the uncertainty of using the antiquated mail order system. But we pulled it together. We sent our money and dreams to California and prayed for the miracle of tickets:

Dead rejection

But this was what we got back in the mail. A rejection letter. It seems despite the cavalcade of naysayers, the office was over inundated with mail orders from other seekers and that meant that many of us were shut out of the shows. I went from excited to angry. How dare my band cut me out of their fold with such ease! As things go, anger gives way to acceptance and I now find myself with a rather bleak faith that I will get there. There is still an online sale date of the 28th and perhaps a long sit in front of the computer, hand on the mouse and clicking furiously, will result in tickets. It is perhaps unfortunate that this band meant so much to so many. However, they have spread enough amazing music to feed the world for a while. So that said, I humbly take my place with all of my fellow dreamers and sing loud and proud…”I need a miracle everyday”

You perhaps remember the last post I placed here. Lots of resolutions and promises right? Well I am pleased to say that for the most part I have kept to the plan. I am working on my new podcast with some well picked friends. It will be called “Rolling for Change”. Each episode we will be looking at the particular facets of the board gaming hobby that are therapeutic and educational. Presently I am working on re-equipping my podcasting studio both to enhance production value on Soundscape, and to make the biggest pitch I can with Rolling for Change. This is going to require an updated mixing board, better mic’s and possibly a new sound card; one made more for plugging the large size earphone jack into and one that does not put a strain on the card when plugged in. I feel good about this next step and I am looking forward to developing the first few episodes and finding the right broadcast network to put them in. The focus will be Dice Tower but there are some spots in the mix should this plan fall through. Also, Gencon is a go. Our presentation has been approved for Trade Day and we are also offering a presentation to the general audience. Ramping up to this, I am researching, testing ideas, and learning more about games and game play. Totally excited for this aspect of my life; even though I have to admit it is moving time along very quickly.

We have music plans all over the course of the year now. We are all set to see Mule and Steven Wilson in the coming months. We are still seeking our outing with The Grateful Dead, and music is on the menu for the forseeable future. That was not the hard part of the second resolution. The setting up of an office and getting back to using music in therapy was. Well the LPC application should be completed this week and I will be sending it up to the powers that be to get certification completed. Once that is finished I will be able to move forward with future plans. I continue to work on my skills as an FFT therapist but my heart and passion are in a closer future and I am excited to be headed in the right direction.

Financial goals- well we are working on them. Setting off in the right direction requires that I not play loose with all of these money sponging ideas. Nevertheless we are closer to the goal and we will continue in that direction. As for health…after an initial push and plan for eating better and exercising, I saw a weight loss of 10 lbs. Back up a few pounds now but I am earnestly setting out this week to exercise daily and to monitor food better.

I understand that this has been a very personlized blog entry and probably only offers meaningful content to a very few people, that is ok for now. Perhaps inspiration will strike soon and I will get some other stuff out to you all. That said I would like you to take a look at this next video, it is full of Steven Wilson goodness. Perhaps not the high level of lyrical meaning as we usually see, but I think this is simply meant to be a filler to set the tone of the album. Rumour has it that this next album will amaze you.